Fuchsia (2014)

by Tyler Major



1. Vineyard III
2. Fuchsia
3. Cosmic Audience
4. Arievillaus Part II (feat. Pyramid Vritra)
5. Glacier
6. Traveling Through Skies
7. Those Of Fountains
8. Watercolours (feat. Gary Wilson)

NRK's Producer/Wordsmith Tyler Major releases his non-rap album, Fuchsia. Inspired by the beauty and wonders of nature. Tyler mainly experiments with his new age, jazz, house and funk influences saving his rapping for the Pyramid Vritra featured track, Arievillaus Part II. Fuchsia is filled with lush pads, jazzy pianos, Parliament inspired bass lines, and live saxophone solos


released December 21, 2014

Produced by Tyler Major


tags: hip-hop/rap


Tyler Major

Tyler Major/Sage:

Keyboardist/ Producer

Influences range from 70's Jazz Fusion, New Age, Hip Hop, & Lounge

Also a member of the Nobody Really Knows collective also known as the NRK Pyramids.

Inquiries: tylermajornrk@gmail.com
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