3 EP Collection (2014)

by Tyler Major



After Gardens & Meadows EP:
1. Arievillaus Part I (feat. Pyramid Vritra)
2. Datura (feat. Mr. Northstar)
3. Garden Nectar (feat. Pyramid Vritra & KC 2.0)
4. Apple Ice (feat. Stan, Pyramid Vritra, Lil Ak)
5. Legos

Colours From The Valley EP:
1. Sunflowers
2. Watercolours (Reprise)
3. These Shores Rise With Sunsets
4. Orange
5. Night Falls

Indajeep EP
1. Indajeep
2. Grain Flow Freestyle
3.Jansport (feat. Stan, Pyramid Quince, Floyd)
4. The Shrine

MINI DOCUMENTARY of Tyler Major talking about the EP collection:



released April 18, 2014

all songs produced by Tyler Major except:

Datura (MF Doom)
Legos (Pyramid Vritra & XR)


tags: hip-hop/rap


Tyler Major

Tyler Major/Sage:

Keyboardist/ Producer

Influences range from 70's Jazz Fusion, New Age, Hip Hop, & Lounge

Also a member of the Nobody Really Knows collective also known as the NRK Pyramids.

Inquiries: tylermajornrk@gmail.com
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